Embedding third-party accounts in e-banking - a comedy over three weeks
Every entrepreneur knows this situation: the company has more than one banking relationship, with the majority of all payments being processed through the house bank. Nevertheless, the balance of the other accounts must be called up from time to time. A simple, but somewhat cumbersome matter. I was accordingly euphoric when my house bank advertised the embedding of third-party accounts.
Full of joy I activated the "Multibanking" function in e-banking and was told that I had to log out and log in again to continue. Well, I thought - this was not so easy and quick after all. But since I have been advising banks for many years, I know their processes and waited for the next end-of-day processing (TEV). And yes, the next morning I could really enter the third account and was allowed to press a few more accept...accept...accept buttons. This resulted in a somewhat confusing document with key information, which unfortunately had to be printed out and signed legally. So I had to get a second signature and send the document back to the bank by mail. And then wait again.
Days later, finally the hoped-for answer and a call to verify the third-party bank. Everything okay it said.
But beware, the next step in e-banking now required access data. And of course, the required access data was labeled differently on the screen than in the letter. Two of them were requested on the screen, but the letter from the third-party bank contained several. So I had to "try" something, which is nothing unusual in e-banking. In the end it worked and my e-banking reported that the process was COMPLETED. Great, but as before, I was happy too early. An error occurred during the processing and I was informed shortly afterwards.
I thought to wait for the end of day processing (TEV) and did so. But the day after and also the following day the message was still the same. Meanwhile I had been about two weeks in the making of an obviously highly complex process.
Finally I turned to the support. Since the 1st level didn't really know what to do, another day passed until I reached the 3rd level. Unfortunately this one was also a bit speechless... "I should please clear the browser cache", "refresh the browser", "I would have logged in several times, which blocks the process", "another person in my company has logged in and this blocks the process", "...". On the third day, in the evening, with beer & chips in front of the TV and the notebook on my knees, I tried again, and because again without success, only as an answer "Slowly it's getting embarrassing" I wrote back. This time it took one day until an answer came with the request, I should try again, they put everything on hold etc. Guess what? Exactly, of course it still didn't work.
The next day the capitulation came again: the explicit multibanking button in the e-banking home page did not work. This was a known error. But this error correction is not planned! Even when registering third-party accounts, access to the account is not possible. I should also not press the "Register" button anymore (yes, still visible and active), I am registered and hiding is currently not possible. Crazy.
But what works is to click on the third party bank account in the account overview. Then and only then will the details come to light. And yes, it finally works! But what details were and still are displayed there, is a bit of a blow to your head! Since we had never actually used the third-party bank account, there was only one debit to be found. And that looks like below: look at the meaningful booking text and the generous "paging" for a single entry!




No words, right?
Well, it's working now. And the 20. above are the quarterly expenses. I can live with that. But there's a certain amount of disappointment. Elapsed time was about three weeks. Three weeks to integrate an account into e-banking and a user experience that can be described as a "comedy".
To be fair, I would like to add at the end that I talked to 90% of the time with the same person and they were always very nice, helpful and always apologized. But a bottle of wine has not arrived yet 😉. And actually, it rather amused me than annoyed me, because otherwise I would have left in consternation like probably many others much earlier.
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Embedding third-party accounts in e-banking - a comedy over three weeks

Martin Zimmermann, our banking business development and software engineering expert.