With knowable we make well-structured company data easily accessible, easy to use, understandable and intelligent.


Why knowable?

knowable's knowledge platform enables knowable customers to offer their next generation of digital, intelligent and personalized websites, flexible portal solutions, innovative consulting solutions, advanced support solutions, intelligent service centers, advanced information services, etc., which in turn provide a unique experience for their customers, partners and employees.

By providing a view of all business relevant information, we create a new digital user experience within your entire organization and ecosystem. We leverage all enterprise data from the beginning to its continuous operational use. Leverage chatbot capabilities to automate back-office services and create a new user experience and use machine learning mechanisms to help you make the right business decisions.


Solutions & Services:

  • Robust cloud platform for digital business solutions.
  • Ready-made components for easy use and integration into existing platforms and solutions.
  • Open platform that enables fast and secure migration and integration.
  • Bot capabilities for a new digital user experience.
  • AI capabilities for operational intelligence.
  • Hands-on consulting with a range of white papers, manuals and best practices.
  • Solution-oriented implementation of knowable for your individual business solution.
  • Professional and high quality support for a stable operation of your business solution.


Use knowable to create a new digital experience for your business solutions.

Strategic modular offer