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Baden, 8 December 2020

We are pleased to announce that andrion is becoming part of Capco, a global management and technology consultancy dedicated to the financial services industry.


andrion’s leadership team, including CEO & Managing Partner Aniello Bove, Managing Partners Martin Zimmermann and Roberto Zimmermann, and all of our staff will be joining Capco.


Read more about the acquisition on the Capco website. 

Do machines also need a personality and appearance?
28. June 2019

How human artificial intelligence must be to be accepted 


Introduction - why this topic...

Let's do a practical test. Take your iPhone and ask Siri for "zero through zero" - you'll be surprised.


We all talk about artificial intelligence and often think about efficiency and effectiveness. We are also aware that artificial intelligence will change the way you consult us. But what exactly does the word consulting mean - let's take a trip together to the origin of the word. The word advice comes from the Old High German râtan, which means "to advise", "to help", "to advise" or "to give advice". It includes the advice, as the judgement, which results from a consideration, addressed to someone and here the person plays an important role.

Until today, counseling has always consisted of "person to person" interactions. Now there is a new component man to machine. The question is, does the AI need a personality or is it enough that it only answers our questions?



Our experiences - KI as a person...

We think that the AI needs a personality, or at least an appearance, so that we feel that people have been picked up. The more a machine resembles a real consultant in terms of voice and appearance, the better it will affect the consultation. Initial research has already been done in the healthcare sector, where machines, for example, bring breakfast and greet patients with a friendly voice. Of course, this cannot replace a specialist, but these activities are very simple. There are also ethical questions to be clarified, which we want to consider in our next articles.

Due to this knowledge and the change in all industries we have given our ChatBot the name Andrina and immediately an appearance. We would like to make and test own experiences with this project - not only read studies. We think that this also distinguishes us, that we implement the trends on the job. An insight into our Andrina, which we developed together with our partner Farner AG (

  • More about our Andrina, Link


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Do machines also need a personality and appearance?
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