andrion - a CAPCO company

Baden, 8 December 2020

We are pleased to announce that andrion is becoming part of Capco, a global management and technology consultancy dedicated to the financial services industry.


andrion’s leadership team, including CEO & Managing Partner Aniello Bove, Managing Partners Martin Zimmermann and Roberto Zimmermann, and all of our staff will be joining Capco.


Read more about the acquisition on the Capco website. 

Digitisation at the workplace; opportunity or risk?
25. June 2019

How does digitisation affect our workplace - chance or danger?


Introduction - why this topic...

The working methods as we know them today are changing. They will con-tinue to change and we will all have to leave the beaten track and explore unknown new areas. What awaits us on this new path? How will artificial intelligence affect and change our industries, our working environment and our consumer behaviour - whether positive or negative?

Positive effects of digitization are robots and/or machines that relieve people of routine tasks. Thus, employees can concentrate more on cogni-tively more demanding tasks (e.g.: tasks with imagination and creativity) - digitalization means complementary and not suppressive or is it working exactly when a healthy mix of people and machines is used. Only the people themselves, and not an automated process, can select the best ta-lents and promote skills and motivation, as well as build and expand a ta-lent pool. The same applies to conducting job interviews. Only a person can decide who fits into a team on a mental, character and emotional level and thus optimally complements the company or the respective project.


Our experiences - the human being is a process...

Digitalization is not stopping at any industry and it is completely changing the markets. The earlier a company takes its own digitisation into its own hands, the faster and more strongly it can benefit from the advantages - we recommend this as a project agency.

Digitalisation creates new job profiles and this is exactly where the opport-unity for employees and employers lies. A high potential for the creation of new jobs lies above all in the sectors and ranges technology, media and telecommunications. Thus, digitisation in companies already has decisive positive effects on the world of work. It enables people to be much more flexible. And this not only affects the performance and effectiveness of their work, but also the organisation of leisure time and private life. This creates a genuine win-win situation for companies and employees alike. In addition, flexible work models support equal opportunities for men and women and can thus also make everyday life easier for families.

Almost all companies see a need for action to train employees for activities in the digital future. However, these new jobs do not necessarily require new courses of study or new training. Fear for the workplace, which is constantly fuelled by reports on digitisation, is therefore unnecessary scaremongering - our opinion.


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Digitisation at the workplace - opportunity or risk.
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