andrion - a CAPCO company

Baden, 8 December 2020

We are pleased to announce that andrion is becoming part of Capco, a global management and technology consultancy dedicated to the financial services industry.


andrion’s leadership team, including CEO & Managing Partner Aniello Bove, Managing Partners Martin Zimmermann and Roberto Zimmermann, and all of our staff will be joining Capco.


Read more about the acquisition on the Capco website. 

Digitalization - what is behind it.
11. June 2019

If we are already digital or still on our way - as a project agency we would like to share our experience with you.


Introduction - why this topic...

As a project agency we take up the topic of digitisation for this week and would like to share our experiences with you. First of all, digitization is not a buzzword, but a hard way behind it. In recent years, many companies have set themselves the goal of completely overhauling or automating certain processes by 2020. Certainly, some companies were able to achieve their goals 100%, but these could be counted on one hand. Most companies are still on the verge of transformation - due to their size, financial components and/or cultural aspects.


Our experiences - the human being is a process...

Having a concrete goal helps everyone, whether employees and/or managing directors. However, the goal alone is not enough, but digitalization is a path that cannot be accelerated or there are no shortcuts, just like in real life. Now ask yourself what we rely on without polarizing. As a basis for digitization we would like to take Mr. Tuckman's model, which shows the individual phases in order to perform. Here it doesn't matter whether in a team and/or a company, because it's always about people who work together and interact.

One of the biggest mistakes in digitization is that it jumps too quickly from one phase to the next. However, we must also mention that experience shows that too long a period, in the same phase, has the same negative effects. We always recommend to our clients that each phase be well reflected and transferred.


Our experiences - why do so many fail?

As mentioned above, it is about people, because they carry out the transformation. An excerpt from the study on digital transformation, see link below, shows that 58% want to defend their existing structures. Closely followed with 51% are the lack of experience of the employees and with 48% blocking security requirements. Let's start from these 3 points and ignore the others - what do we find? It has a lot to do with fears, regardless of whether the employees express it or not, they are there.

As a project agency we recommend very good communication to every organisation in order to avoid misunderstandings and fears among employees. Because the employees make a company successful. Of course, there are other aspects besides these factors which have to be considered like software, process management etc., which we support in our clients.


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Digitization means hard work and smart action.