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Baden, 8 December 2020

We are pleased to announce that andrion is becoming part of Capco, a global management and technology consultancy dedicated to the financial services industry.


andrion’s leadership team, including CEO & Managing Partner Aniello Bove, Managing Partners Martin Zimmermann and Roberto Zimmermann, and all of our staff will be joining Capco.


Read more about the acquisition on the Capco website. 

Digitalization and Security.
02. August 2019

One success factor in the digital business is trust.
Digitalization brings many challenges. Now the question is, should the data be out-scourced or should it be hoarded in-house?


Outsourcing - security gap or protection?

Many companies rely on outsourcing their data. Recent studies show that outsourced cloud services are in vogue in Switzerland. Decision-makers almost always have the greatest reservations about outsourcing with regard to security. Lack of clarity regarding access control, data location and protection against attacks make them hesitant and in some cases lead to in-house solutions. However, since SMEs often have neither the financial nor the human resources to build up adequate protection themselves, the cloud would offer them enormous opportunities.


Where is my data and how secure is it?

The focus of reporting is currently on data protection; outsourcing one's own data via the cloud is characterized by uncertainties. There is less talk about internal company data storage. IN SMEs, however, security know-how and clear regulations regarding back-up, access and access rights are often fehelen.

Although the typical example "server in the storeroom" is long outdated, many IT infrastructures are far away from modern data centers.


How is the use of business data on mobile devices regulated?

In today's business world, it is common practice for employees to want to access their data on the road or in their home office and/or to have to do so.


Are the relevant compliance guidelines followed?

Compliance management is becoming increasingly important. In more and more industries, the IT infrastructure has to comply with more and more legal guidelines - the legal, regulatory and contractual requirements have to be determined and controlled.


How do you know what is good?

We at andrion ag work with cloud services. The biggest risk of a leak is the user. As a preventive measure, it could be set up to change passwords on a monthly basis. However, this means that individual employees have to spend time renewing their passwords on a regular basis. Since we have a good relationship of trust with our employees, we have found a compromise between the monthly updates of the password and no password at all. A compromise that is right for everyone.


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Digitisation and security
Digitization and security: What are the legal requirements?
How secure is my data?

Should the data be out-scourced or should it be hoarded in-house?