andrion - a CAPCO company

Baden, 8 December 2020

We are pleased to announce that andrion is becoming part of Capco, a global management and technology consultancy dedicated to the financial services industry.


andrion’s leadership team, including CEO & Managing Partner Aniello Bove, Managing Partners Martin Zimmermann and Roberto Zimmermann, and all of our staff will be joining Capco.


Read more about the acquisition on the Capco website. 

What's the future like? We will be giving concrete examples of job descriptions.
26. July 2019

Data Scientists bring meaning to the newly acquired flood of data

An even more new profession, which only emerged through digitization, is that of data scientist. The flood of data that we can now collect with the help of digital helpers is useless if we can't do anything with it. Data scientists are particularly in demand where a lot of data is generated - logically. It is therefore not surprising that the search volume for "data scientists" has risen by 677 percent since 2014.

Trend profession drone pilot - mechanical engineer 2.0

One of the new professions whose demand on the Internet has almost doubled in the last four years is the drone pilot. According to the study, the search volume for "drone pilots", at 80 queries per month, is still quite low, but the cross-industry applications show enormous growth potential.

Building Information Modelling Manager (BIM Manager)

The BIM Manager is also new and can be used in various industries. It creates digital models (of a house, for example) and feeds them with all the data available to it. From this, he derives possibilities for improvement and is responsible for controlling optimization processes.

The Feel Good Manager or Chief Happiness Officer provides a good environment.

Employees must always keep their finger on the pulse of the times; the same applies to employers so as not to miss out on important developments. This pressure is exacerbated by the shortage of skilled workers in Germany. Companies need to do more to retain well-trained and competent personnel. This realization has ensured that more and more companies are hiring so-called "Feel Good Managers".

Some key figures from the study by WEF...

By 2022, 75 million jobs will be lost worldwide. By contrast, 133 million jobs will be created in five years.
58 percent of all employees will require substantial new and further qualifications by 2022 - of which 19 percent are dependent on additional training or retraining lasting twelve months or longer.
71 percent of working hours are performed by people, but in five years this figure is expected to fall to 48 percent and the remaining 52 percent will be replaced by machines.

A scientific article, Oxford study...

The Oxford study, which examined 702 occupations, defined the scale as "0" (non-computable) and "1" (computerisable). The study is very extensive and would go beyond the scope of this article. For this reason we ask you from p. 57 to study the professions - you will be amazed.



Do you already know the latest job titles?
Do you already know the latest job titles?

What's the future like? We'll be giving concrete examples of job descriptions.