Digital Innovation
With our creative packages we quickly and purposefully lead to new ideas, solutions, prototypes and success.
Your current challenges:
Digitalization, new technologies, competitors, but also the COVID crisis pose new challenges for your company. New ideas for your business, your products & services or business models are needed. You lack time and knowledge to initiate, push and successfully implement new projects.
Our individual solution offers:
andrion has compiled three new packages for the different concerns of companies of different industries or sizes.
andrion Innovation Bootcamp
andrion Innovation Factory
andrion Innovation Empowerment
Our three offerings, which are specifically tailored to the needs of our customers, are based on an independently developed agile approach of the practice-proven Design Thinking method. In all three offerings, we take our customers by the hand with caution. We guide you step by step from a problem or idea to concrete solutions for new products, services or business models. A prototype is developed as part of each procedure.
Your concrete benefit:
  • Clearly defined delivery objects and services, varying according to the selected package.
  • Clearly defined time frames.
  • No hidden costs.
  • Many new ideas and practical application knowledge.
  • Leadership, team spirit, training & coaching.
  • Unique inspiring experience.
  • A big portion of a new beginning.