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Market Utility Integration Framework (MUIF) | Market Utility Framework | Industrialisierung nicht-differenzierender Geschäftsfunktionen

Identification of non differentiating services and outsourcing to competent partner

Industrialization can be described in general so that existing products, processes, and structures are analysed to identify appropriate optimization potential. The goal of industrialization is to create a standardization, centralization and increased automation. Functions with which you cannot stand out from the competitors, are called “not differentiable functions”. They can be replaced by so-called “utilities”, which a provider makes available.

Due to the size and complexity of the companies, most of the time the focus is missing to build a function just once. There exists still a “silo world”, which means that many functions are duplicated.

andrion specialists support you on the way towards industrialization from the beginning. Our specially developed framework is based on specific successful initiatives.

Market Utility Integration Framework

Unsere MUIF-Lösung bietet einen branchenunabhängigen Ansatz, um IT Systeme intelligent voneinander zu entkoppeln und bietet die Möglichkeit, den Informationsfluss zu kontrollieren, konvertieren, anzureichern und zu korrigieren. Wegen des Auslagerns von Lösungen ins Ausland ist die Anonymisierung von Kundendaten und das Life-Cycle-Management von Aufträgen ebenfalls adressiert. Dies ist vor allem in Fällen wichtig, in denen Aufträge zwischen Front- und Back-Office-Systemen ausgetauscht oder eine Verbesserung der Straight Through Processing (STP) Rate erreicht werden sollen. Dank des integrierten Echtzeit-Dashboards behalten MUIF-Nutzer stets die Kontrolle über jeden Informationsaustausch und Auftrag einschliesslich allfälliger Fehlverarbeitungen, detaillierter Statistiken und wenn nötig auch jeder Verletzung einer Service-Level-Vereinbarung.

Market Utility Framework

Today’s economic environment demands new ways to make investments and the cost pressure is forcing banks and vendors about new sourcing models for business process and IT outsourcing.

Topics such as industrialization or outsourcing of entire units to dedicated providers are on everyone’s lips. andrion is in this environment active for over 2 years and we have developed our own framework, which allows to decouple systems and monitor of the data exchanges. For large Swiss banks, as well as for international suppliers and in this market we are active and demonstrate our knowledge again and again. The core idea of market utility consists of commodities completely as a service from a vendor. Commodities are processing and operations functions through which a bank is not different to his competitors. The vendor even offers the same services in a standardized and simplified manner to multiple banks. This decoupling is now not only a well defind interface, but much more. Our framework takes into account the environment such as the location of the market utility, end of day processing, reliability and follow the sun in addition to the actual technical transactions that need to be replaced. We also take consideration of the legacy systems and show approaches to decommission them. We gladly inform you personally.

andrion is a leader in design and architecture for payments, cash and securities market utilities for major large international banks.

We support strategic vendors during the RFP and supply the design of the core and of the market utility, we develop the target operating model and determine your migrations strategy to a market utility. We provide consulting in design of the architecture and demonstrate possible approaches to take the legacy solutions out of operation. We have developed a own framework, which one pretends the framework and the steps, which must be necessarily be taken into account at one such a strategic and complex task.

Industrialisierung nicht-differenzierender Geschäftsfunktionen

Bei Funktionen, mit denen man sich nicht von der Konkurrenz abheben kann, spricht man von «nicht-differenzierenden Funktionen». andrion hilft Banken, diese Geschäftsfunktionen an automatisierte Service-Anbieter auszulagern und Prozesse zu standardisieren. So profitieren sie von verminderten Kosten und einer gesteigerten Effizienz.


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