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Process Automation

Process Automation

In recent years, almost every bank has initiated extensive programs to reduce costs. In the course of all these famous offshoring and outsourcing initiatives, the optimization of processes through automation was just neglected. Since the dwindling availability of manpower leads to constantly rising wages, process automation plays increasingly an important role. This process automation has been viewed in the past as too little attractive, although you haven’t to give out of your hands anything to achieve the associated benefits.

We are convinced that many processes can be fully automated within the bank. In the meantime, the banks are going as well under the assumption that they can save up to 80% of their costs in the areas where automation is applied. However, this is by far not the only advantage. Processing time is reduced and the quality is improved significantly, since human errors are excluded completely. Both advantages are especially immediately noticeable in direct customer contact. In addition, systemic breakthroughs by automating can be bridged. Valuable employees can finally be appointed there where they are most needed, namely in value-added and customer-related activities.


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