Success with sustainability

Active on the Swiss market for 10 years.

Thanks to two resourceful banking and technology experts, andrion has been active in the Swiss financial centre since 2009, shaping and shaping it. The two founders recognized early on the need for comprehensive expertise in business and IT modernization projects due to their work for leading Swiss banks. So it was no coincidence that from the outset they focused on the combination of project work and banking and thus laid the foundation for the core banking offering.


Later andrion professionalized the internal structures, strengthened the management and successively built up a team of proven specialists. This enabled the new management to position andrion beyond core banking topics and also to make a name for itself in digitization, automation and industrialization projects. The customer portfolio was continuously expanded and thanks to the new services andrion won not only smaller and medium-sized banks, but also proven and young FinTech companies.


Today andrion is 10 years young and is looking into the future with a lot of dynamism and energy. Andrion focuses on four central challenges, which are common to most Swiss companies: Modernization, industrialization, automation and digitization. But that is not all - we are also investing substantially in the future. Our aim is to become nothing less than the project agency of the future.