Digital Customer Onboarding
26 May 2019

Digital Customer Onboarding - not important for the users and not right for the banks?

What is it about...

Since 2016, it has been FINMA-compliant for customers and banks to be able to enter into their relationship online; after initial experience, online identification was partially revised and further simplified in 2018. Banks are investing in their digital customer experience and advertising with convenient self-service when opening a bank account online and accessing their products and services. A review of where the industry is three years after its launch
of Digital Customer Onboarding is missing so far. There is also a lack of empirical data on what is really important to users when they onboard a bank online.

Aim of the study...

The aim of the study is to measure how digital customer onboarding represents a decisive first step in a bank-customer relationship at selected Swiss financial institutions. In a preliminary study, a catalogue of empirical criteria for the measurability of the quality of onboarding will be developed, which will be used in the main study for the analysis and evaluation of onboarding processes at Swiss banks.


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Digital Customer Onboarding
Digital Customer Onboarding at Swiss Banks
Digital Customer Onboarding

Study on the status of digitization in the acquisition of new customers at selected financial institutions