Bilal Koçak

Bilal Koçak is a software developer who has been using computers since he was young and has always been educated. His strengths included C++, C#, .net - with the addition of project methodologies.


Mr. Koçak's career has always been focused on software development, where he worked in various companies such as SAP Gold Partners. His responsibility was, on the basis of SAP, to develop customer requirements for various companies. One of his most notable projects was to make customizations and developments for Coca-Cola.

Education & Qualification

Mr. Koçak completed his Bachelor's degree in Computer Science in 2017 and is currently completing his basic studies with a Master's degree in Computer Science at the University of Basel. His software strengths include C++, C#, .Net, .Net Framework, SAP Netweaver and SQL.


Phone +41 58 800 99 99

Bilal Koçak

"The great success in business and in life lies in the small successes in everyday life."

Bilal Koçak
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