Giuliano Luongo

Giuliano Luongo worked as Quality Engineer, Operational Engineer and finally as Scrum Master. Agile work is part of his DNA, which he proves every day in various customer projects.



For 4 years at Swisscom, Giuliano worked in the TV team in the Quality & Operations department and was part of the development of a new Android TV solution. Afterwards Giuliano changed to a startup and accompanied as Scrum Master the development of a development team and the development of Android/iOS Mobile Apps and a web application.


Education & Qualification

After the successful completion of the 4-year training as a computer scientist EFZ, Giuliano focused on topics around "agile working". With his certificate as SAFe Scrum Master, he is able to accompany small and medium-sized companies as well as large corporations on their way into the agile age.



Phone +41 58 800 99 99

Giuliano Luongo

"Agility means much more than being flexible, for example to meet short-term needs."

Giuliano Luongo
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