Dr.-Ing. Michael Thulke

Michael Thulke joined andrion in autumn 2018 and works as a consultant.


Michael Thulke has been working for 20 years as a consultant, project/program manager (business and IT) and business analyst, in particular for banks, insurance companies and payment service providers.

In banking, he has worked in various fields and built up a broad range of experience, including customer master data, product structures, market data, payment transactions, data and platform migration, supplemented by further training in financial market topics and risk management.

As an analytically thinking person, he is a professional at penetrating complex (technical or professional) issues and deriving the right next steps for project success. He is experienced in business analysis, architecture and project management.


Education & Qualification
Michael Thulke is a graduate computer scientist and has a strong affinity for all IT, industrialization and digitization topics, not least due to his doctorate in the field of image processing and pattern recognition.

He is PMP-certified, has completed further training in the Scrum/SAFe environment and also has experience in project governance and project assessment.



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Michael Thulke

"Things should be made as simple as possible. But not simpler. (attributed to Albert Einstein)."

Michael Thulke
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