Volker Dietzel, Member of the Advisory Board

Volker Dietzel supports andrion ag as an advisory board member since 2019 and, together with Aniello Bove, CEO, he is responsible for strategic business development.



Volker Dietzel, CEO of ambrite ag, has been active in the software development and development of digital consumer goods for over 30 years. During his time at IBM, he led major projects as Lead Architect and Software Engineer for the German Federal Government, Lufthansa, BMW and RWE. For 12 years at Swisscom he was responsible for the development of the TV product from the idea to introduction and positioning as market leader.


Volker Dietzel is an entrepreneur with the following company foundations: Logisma GmbH, WebSemantix AG, totemo ag, Dietzel.Consulting GmbH, ambrite ag



Volker Dietzel, Member of the Advisory Board

"Artificial intelligence has to be learned by an organization first."

Volker Dietzel, Member of the Advisory Board
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