Together with our partners we are even stronger.

In the recent years, the environment of our clients has increased in diversity and complexity rapidly. New business models are asked for in order to keep Switzerland’s financial center attractive and successful. We are challenged as well! Therefore, we have built up a network of strong partners. This ensures specific knowledge and high level of professionalism in all projects and every customer solution.

Technology PartnerBusiness PartnerKnowledge & Community Partner
procloud - Technologie-Partner andrion

You don’t need an IT, you need a service

andrion maintains a close partnership with Procloud AG when it comes to IT outsourcing to the cloud or desktop as a service. From planning, to migrating the existing IT infrastructure to the cloud, to managing, supporting and optimizing the corresponding IT landscape, a modern, fast and secure service is offered. This puts you in the best position for the future.

Procloud is Microsoft’s Partner of the Year, the Cloud Champion and the number one choice when it comes to cloud services and outsourcing of complete IT infrastructures to the cloud. Procloud AG offers suitable products for SMEs and large companies. Due to the scaling effects, the company can offer the highest standards at very competitive conditions.

Microsoft - Technologie Partner andrion

Human ingenuity gets support through intelligent technology

As a cloud solution provider, andrion is paving the way for artificial intelligence (AI) in the consulting environment together with Microsoft. More than any other technology before, AI has the potential to expand our capabilities. It can help us all to achieve more. For example, with digital apps for more productivity, an intelligent consulting platform that makes AI accessible to employees and customers, and a digital assistant that takes the simpler work off quickly, accurately, and reliably.

Microsoft’s investments boost the intelligence and perception of machines, allowing computers to recognize what they have seen, communicate in natural language, answer complex questions, and interact with their specific environment.

Flowable - Technologie Partner andrion

Use digital platforms for your business processes and case management needs

andrion acts as the implementation partner of flowable when it comes to integrating digital process solutions in companies. With our expertise and experience, we help companies to find new ways to connect with their customers, partners and employees and make their processes so easy and enjoyable.

Flowable is a digital platform for business process and case management solutions that connects people and automates processes. It runs on one of the most performant, open-source-based business process management engines and has been successfully adopted by many companies around the world, including leading banking and insurance clients.

QACube - Technologie Partner andrion

Take advantage of the competitive advantages of Quality Assurance (QA) relevant data

andrion is implementation partner of QACube and ensures the smooth integration of QA platforms. The lack of transparency in reporting is a big problem in complex environments such as banking, insurance and many other software development projects. Businesses are under tremendous pressure to constantly deliver new solutions that require mobile testing, cloud testing, big data testing, and continuous integration. QACube’s QA platform gives you a complete and 360-degree view of QA activities along testing tools and projects that are completely automated and always available to different audiences and decision makers.

QACube is developing new ways to make life easier for CIOs, project managers and testers. They see it as a duty to be able to deliver better and better analyzes. Continuous reporting for continuous testing. Working closely with the world’s largest banks, insurance companies, financial services companies, telecommunications companies, media companies, manufacturing companies, the public sector and others, QACube helps to save costs and make the right decisions

Empowering organizations to move beyond automation

andrion ag is a partner of Appway for its solutions delivery. We understand the impact of such automation changes on culture, processes, organizations, people and systems and deliver more than just solutions. The mix of our banking expertise and the unique toolset, community and methodology of Appway make us a powerful delivery team. We deliver solutions with seamless cross-channel user experience supporting interactions across the entire work spectrum for business that’s smarter, faster and more responsive.

Appway is the leader in client onboarding for the financial services industry and recognized as a global player in the Business Process Management space. The Appway platform enables organizations to develop and operate scalable and reliable business applications.


Qontis brings a new Customer Experience to Mobile Banking and E-Banking

Qontis’s and andrion’s partnering enables banks to unleash the potential of PFM by bringing financial control and reaching financial goals to the client while creating lasting engagement between clients and the bank. While improving the user experience and allowing banks to understand their clients better we together aim to create a win-win situation.

Qontis is a Switzerland based online personal finance management (PFM) platform providing personal finance details with the ability to document and organize data from all instances of private income and expenditures. In addition, Qontis solutions not only provide budgeting tools based on user’s transaction history analysis, cost optimization suggestions but also publishes an online magazine with editorial contributions that are relevant to the financial areas of planning, saving, and spending.


Leverage great data to grow revenue, ensure compliance, and reduce costs

andrion’s and Informatica’s partnership helps you to reduce risk, comply with industry regulations, and grow new revenue opportunities. Our joint solutions help you get ready for tomorrow by putting truly great data at the center of everything you do today.

Informatica helps you to make data ready for use in any way possible, so you can put truly great data at the center of everything you do. Great data is never an accident. It happens by design, with Informatica products that help you find, cleanse, and transform data for business needs.

Infocentric Research AG

Digital transformation with expertise

Together with Infocentric we are able to offer the entire portfolio in the field “Digital Banking”. Amongst digital workplace capabilities, Infocentric provides also research & benchmarking services while andrion features appropriate bank experience and knows processes and solutions of banks best. Together with the client we define the strategic direction, develop business cases & concepts, realize prototypes and deliver appropriate target sustainable solutions.

Infocentric is a consultancy and delivery management firm with a passion for digital services. They support their clients to unleash the power of internet and intranet to improve business results. They listen to their clients and understand their business model. They find the right place for digital support in managing relationships or driving employee productivity. Their experience in prioritizing, planning and executing projects make them a reliable partner. They understand the impact of the transformation on culture, processes and organizations and deliver more than just technology.



Together with CAPCO andrion confronts the challenges of today’s banking landscape with innovations that transform the customer experience. Together our professionals combine innovative thinking with our unrivalled first-hand industry knowledge to offer our clients consulting expertise, complex technology, risk management, cost/revenue optimization and to improve your organizations competitiveness overall.

CAPCO is actively transforming the future of finance to create a resilient market of transparency, trust and capital strength. CAPCO is challenging the norm by combining a disruptive design thinking approach with intimate industry expertise and smart technology. CAPCO looks at banking through the eyes of the consumer.


Managed Testing Services You Can Count On

Sixsentix and andrion are your key partners when it comes to a high-standing quality assurance. Together we accelerate test automation, enhance test coverage and time-to-market and also improve expensive and time-consuming business processes.

Sixsentix helps enterprises drive competitive advantage with agile software testing services based on advanced methodology, automation & QA visual analytics. Sixsentix is a leading provider of Software Testing Services, Visual Analytics and Reporting, helping enterprises to accelerate their Software Delivery. Sixsentix’s unique risk-based Testing and ALM Dashboards, provide business with unprecedented quality and transparency across Software Delivery projects for a faster time-to-market.

Swisscom Schweiz AG

Global Swiss delivery model

andrion’s banking expertise combined with the attractive banking solutions and comprehensive services of Swisscom Schweiz AG results in a powerful and highly scalable delivery model with Swiss quality. Our customers benefit from both, the high professional competence of our specialists as well as from the reliable products and services of Swisscom.

Banking – industrial, digital and mobile! is the name of the division of Swisscom, which has evolved in the recent years and offers today more than just infrastructure solutions to many Swiss banks. Swisscom covers today the whole ICT and processing processes such as digitization, payments, securities settlement and securities data management.

Knowledge Partner for Banking 4.0

andrion is C-Level‘s strategic knowledge partner and maintains a cooperation in the area of “Banking 4.0” Think Tank with Switzerland’s top manager community. Representatives at the GL and partner level take part in overarching vertical “Though Leaders Forums” and studies and actively support the respective “Banking 4.0” breakout sessions.

As Switzerland’s leading top-manager community, C-Level provides personal inspiration, training and networking for some 5,000 top executives from the country’s largest companies. In this context, C-Level enables top executives of different business functions and industries to “look beyond their own box”, to cultivate sound, competition-neutral exchanges on cutting-edge management challenges and to network in an informal atmosphere.

KMUNext - Community Partner andiron

Community Partner for Successor Competence Centers

andrion is committed to entrepreneurship in Switzerland and therefore acts as a community partner of KMU Next. KMU Next sensitises and connects people, organizations and tools to improve the life of an entrepreneur to succession. With their network, they are the successor competence center for all SMEs in Switzerland and offer tailor-made solutions for their success.

KMU Next builds trust and brings the world of next generation and seasoned entrepreneurs together to share knowledge. They help SMEs to make their voices and interests audible in a politically neutral context in society.


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