andrion views its work with banks and financial institutions as a partnership.

As a partner in your projects, we always do what is necessary and correct in order to together achieve your defined goals and results. We are flexible when it comes to project management, and will adapt our methods in line with the needs of our clients and the requirements of the project.

As a partner, we are well aware of the responsibility we have in terms of the completeness, simplicity and sustainability of innovations. We transpose financial institutions’ complex business processes into understandable, purpose-oriented models.

As a partner, we understand our clients’ needs with regards to confidentiality over the project content and sensitive data.

Our team of banking specialists is our most important asset. All of our staff, most of whom have many years of banking experience, are able to work on project both independently and in a team. We put in place short decision-making paths, flat hierarchies and direct communication. We avoid unnecessary formalism and structures.

While we work with a vast array of different systems and technologies, we will still deal with off-the-shelf solutions. This helps us keep our expertise in migration, client benefits or integration, for example, at the usual high level appreciated by our clients.

Building on our existing competencies, we will continue to push forward and expand our service offering in additional areas, such as digital transformation.


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