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Strategy development and review | RfI/RfP consulting and support

Strategy development and review

Our strategic advice covers a wide range of professional and technical.

With strategic consulting, we are able to show you how you can achieve your goals. The substantive objectives defined the business and the technology must show how this can be achieved. In both areas, we have a lot of experience and we can show you what is feasible. In particular, we understand how to facilitate communication between the business and the technology because we both speak both languages very well. Strategic consulting includes:

  • Review strategic business and IT projects
  • Design and documentation of operational and IT models (TOM – Target Operating Model, TIM – Target Model IT), process flows and complex application architectures
  • Problem analysis of existing business processes and solutions
  • Design and specification of business and IT solutions
  • Development of detailed requirements catalogs to an implement system, in due consideration of organizational and regulatory aspects

RfI/RfP consulting and support

The evaluation of a new product is always important. Range of functions but also the possibilities of integration must be clarified in detail

Support and collaboration in RfI / RFP is another core service (including evaluations and assessment matrices) in IT core banking integration projects as well as complex IT architecture projects. We rely management solutions and international experience in the implementation of large and global solutions systems, platforms of securities, Payments & Cash Management on an extensive portfolio of core banking systems.

A new system is used most often for many years and therefore is the evaluation of great importance. With the RfI collects general information about products and providers to separate the chaff from the wheat. The actual RFP is then performed with a few products but in great depth.


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